BirdieBound Mental Skills Training Workshops

Friday Evenings 5:30-6:30: $30/workshop10 golfer max June 4 Does your self-talk serve you? July 9 Discover your ideal level of activation to play your best golf August 6 Create a confident state Register for a BirdieBound Mental Health Clinic Expand … Read More

Full Swing & Putting Clinic | Saturday April 17

Looking for a spring tune-up? Get expert tips and personalized instruction to improve your full swing and putting. Make 2021 the season you find the fairway and sink a few more birdie putts! Saturday, April 17th First session 10:00-12:00 Second … Read More

Chipping, Pitching, & Bunker Clinic | Saturday, April 24

Tired of wasting shots around the green? Learn a few simple strategies to elevate your short game and lower your scores. Saturday, April 24th First session 10:00-12:00 Second session 1:00-3:00 Registration:

Improved Focus During Play

What Is YOUR Intention? If this story sounds familiar, ask yourself a few simple questions before assuming you have difficulty with your mental game. First, did you physically warm-up prior to play? A lack of warmup prior to play can … Read More


Two Tee Drill

Using a “Target Focus” in Pre-shot Routines  This article discusses the importance of having a target focus in your pre-shot routine. It shares with the reader a simple drill that will promote this concept in his or her actual golf swing…the two tee drill. It is … Read More

Best Ball for Winter Golf?

Many folks have been taking advantage of our milder winters to extend their golf season. I am frequently asked by my winter golfers, “What’s the best ball to play in cold weather?” I did a little digging with Titleist’s golf … Read More

Optimal Practice Conditions for Transfer to the Golf Course

Have you ever felt practice is a total waste of time? You strike the ball amazing on the driving range, only to discover the OB or a watery grave during tournaments. Many players mistakenly assume they are “head cases” when … Read More

Does Your Self-Talk Serve You?

Most people operate on auto pilot. They don’t recognize how their thinking inhibits their performance on the golf course. They replay the same recording in their head with each round of golf and wonder why they get the same result. … Read More

Should I take a practice swing?

We have all seen the player who takes a zillion practice swings before each shot…ugh…beam me up Scotty!!! So, what’s the consensus on practice swings anyway? Should you take a practice swing or not? As with most questions in life, … Read More

Simple Swing Cue

Looking for the perfect swing cue to start your season? One of my favorites is to simply hold your finish. Focusing your attention on a balanced finish improves tempo and often eliminates excess motion that is incompatible with balance. It … Read More