Empowering individuals through golf

The mission of BirdieBound is to provide individuals with simple strategies to elevate their golf games and in the process, enrich all aspects of their lives.

LPGAI am Nicole Damarjian, Founder of BirdieBound –  I played collegiate golf at Furman University. During this time, I noticed a difference between how I played in practice versus how I played in tournaments. Typically, I would leave my best game on the driving range. Frustrated, but not defeated, I began to explore the field of sport psychology. Curious by nature, I decided to pursue a graduate degree in sport and exercise science at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG). I had the good fortune to work as a research assistant for Dr. Debbie Crews, an internationally renowned researcher in the neuroscience of golf. As a member herself, Dr. Crews encouraged me to join the LPGA. Once a member of the LPGA, I found my niche. I was surrounded by enthusiastic individuals who devoted their energy to discovering how best to teach and grow the game of golf for all people. I continued my graduate studies at UNCG under the mentorship of Drs. Dan Gould and Robert Christina with a focus on golf instruction. In 1997, I completed my PhD in Sport and Exercise Science, specializing in sport psychology and motor learning.

For the past 20+ years I have devoted my professional energies to what I love best…teaching. Most of my year is spent teaching and coaching golf to people of all ages and skill levels. In the off season, I am an adjunct professor at Eastern Connecticut State University where I teach Peak Performance for Life Through Sport and Health and Wellness. My students both on and off the golf course are a constant source of inspiration. I continue to pursue new and innovative approaches to best serve my students and honor their trust. My professional certifications include: TPI Levels I and II, OPTI Golf, Positive Coaching Alliance, US Kids Level I, and the American Development Model.